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One of my favorite smells is that of freshly baked pizza wafting through the open doorways of the pizzerias here in Rome. Peeking into shop entrances my eyes always grow larger, my mouth waters, and my stomach gives a little grumble urging me to stop in and get a slice or two.



Some pizzerias have tables, while others are just big enough to fit a kitchen, brick oven, and counter (to display the pizza). Though can be relaxing sitting down and eating, sometimes its nice going to sit by a fountain on a warm day or exploring the small, windy streets of Rome with a slice of pizza in hand.


Though pizza bianca is simple, just a bit of salt and oil on top, I would have to say it is one of my favorites, especially when it comes right out of the brick oven, hot and crispy….DELICIOUS!


Here are some of my favorite spots, Buon Appetito!:

Roscioli: Campo de Fiori

La Renella: Trastevere

Pizzeria Rustica Europa: Termini/ P.zza Santa Maria Maggiore

Pizzeria Sisini: P.zza Re di Roma, 20

Pizza a Taglio Mass F. Primerano: near Metro A Ponte Lungo, Via Alfredo Baccarini

Gabriele Bonci: Pizzarium: near Metro A Cipro