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Dinning on a budget in a city such as Rome seems almost impossible and finding a decent meal for less than €10 a person can be difficult. But good news, a new cafe’/ restaurant popped up a few months ago right near one of the most exclusive areas in Rome, the Spanish Steps.


“Il Mondo Magico dei Sapori” is a great place to go for lunch or even for a midday snack and a big plus is they have wifi. When you walk in on the right is a counter filled with all sorts of savory and sweet dishes that will fill your stomach and won’t leave your wallet empty. Sabrina Errico, the owner makes everything from scratch daily, so the food is always fresh.



They do three different menus, starting with a large, that cost €8. This includes a first and second course, side dish, water, and a dessert. The second menu costs €5 and included in the price is a second course, side dish, water, and dessert and then there is the €4 menu which is a first course, water, and dessert. For this amount of money one would think that the portions would be small, this is not the case at all, Sabrina makes sure that the plates are filled and will always put more on your plate if you ask.

I decided to get the medium size meal when I visited for lunch the other day. I chose grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and spinach. Then for dessert I had a chocolate and vanilla cookie.



Via  Francesco Crispi, 28

Tele. (+39) 339.8459879

Info. S.errico68@gmail.com