On my trip to Amsterdam I couldn’t wait see all the canals and of course to try some typical dutch food. After living in Rome for a while and having my fill of pasta and pizza, I  was ready to try something new. I had looked up all about dutch food, sweets and savory a like and my taste buds were ready when I arrived a few days before Christmas.


My friend Shraddha and I made our way to the center for dinner after we checked into our hotel and low and behold what do I find, Chinese, Italian, American fast food, Argentinian, almost everything but Dutch. We learned that the Dutch like their international food and it’s mainly in smaller cities and towns will you find restaurants that cater to Dutch food.

Shraddha and I made it our goal to try as much typical cuisine as possible, so our first night even though we ate at an Italian restaurant, we stopped for favorite snack of the Dutch, fries or friet. The Dutch mainly use mayo for a topping and at this stand there were many condiments offered to go with the friets.


On our second night we searched for a proper Dutch restaurant so we could taste more of the cuisine. After much search we finally found Restaurant De Blauwe Hollander.


We split an appetizer of hot flames, which were little envelops filled with spicy minced meat and a sweet chili sauce on the side.

DSC09322DSC09325 Then for the main course I decided to try hotchpotch, which is mashed potatoes with carotes and onion with tender beef on top with gravy all around.


I have to say it was very filling, but of course who can say no to dessert….I for one cannot, so we ended up splitting a piece of apple pie.


The Dutch cuisine reminded me a lot of the British cuisine, with the use of potatoes and meats. The food is much heartier than mediterranean. In the end, though I did enjoy all my meals in Amsterdam, it was nice returning home to Rome for some Italian food.