Who doesn’t like a nice warm waffle or pancakes with powdered sugar for breakfast, a snack,  lunch or really to eat any time of the day? Amsterdam and the surrounding cities in the Netherlands are well-known for their waffles and Pannekoeken and Poffertjes (or pancakes as we know them). I have to say boy are they good and oh very filling!

At open air markets you will see vendors making scrumptious looking waffles and pancakes right before your eyes, making your mouth water and your stomach grumble with hunger. You can get these dishes to go and shop around the market at the same time. I tried both while I was at the Albert Cuypmarkt (a daily outdoor market in Amsterdam). But, if you feel like sitting down at a restaurant or a cafe there are plenty around where you can sample one or the other and have your choice of sweet or savory toppings.



waffle samples




These are two typical dishes that you will definitely have to try while on vacation in the Netherlands and to help burn the extra calories from these goodies, you can rent a bike. There are bike rental shops all throughout the city of Amsterdam.