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Amsterdam is a city filled with canals, bikes, tulips, and yes, apples. Every restaurant and cafe you go into you will see on the menu appelgebak (apple pie). Everyone boasts to have the best in town, so while visiting the city I decided to sample some applegebak at different restaurants and cafes. I have to say each one was more delicious than the next.

apple tart

They are very similar to the apple pies that we are used to eating in the USA with cinnamon and sugar speckled all throughout and a nice buttery crust. Whenever I ordered I always chose to get whipped cream on the side, but you have the choice to get it without. Some places put raisins in it, while others put powdered sugar on top for decoration.



Here are some places where you can eat some tasty appelgebak:

De Blauwe Hollander

Café Het Paleis: Paleisstraat 16, +31.20.626.0600

Winkel: Noordermakt 43, +31. 20623.0223