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Every morning as I walk to school I pass by the bakery “Sotto Casa Sfizi Golosi” and I am swept away by the sweet aromas of baked goods wafting through the open door. Finally after three months of everyday telling myself “tomorrow, tomorrow morning you can buy yourself a pastry for breakfast,” I finally entered.

I was met with a warm smile by the owner who when I asked told me a little about the history of her shop. She opened it four years ago after she decided to change her career as a graphic designer. You can see some of her graphic design work on her brochures and the logo was made by her.

At Sotto Casa you will find baked goods from tortes to cookies that she and her husband make daily. They even have a lunch menu where you can eat in or call for take away.

I chose a mixed berry muffin with powdered sugar on top for breakfast and it was a perfect treat for the start of my day. The muffin was moist and sweet with the berries helping even out the flavor with a bit of tartness. It was the perfect size, not too big like some muffins that you find in the States and not too small either, just the right amount to hold me over until lunch time.

Sotto Casa Sfizi Golosi: Via della Purificazione 70 (P.zza Barberini)