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Eurochocolate is back again and this year Bacio Chocolate is turning 90 years old. The theme this year is  “Applichiamoci” (“We apply ourselves!”). It has a double meaning; first, relating to the openness to all the gourmets who use the Internet, smartphones, tablets to promote their goods. The second is about achieving one’s goals and aspirations.

The event begins on the 19th of October and goes until the 28th of October. Perugia’s city center is filled with chocolatiers during this time period tempting everyone with all their delectable goods. This is an event when your mouth will be excited, your eyes will be wide open, and your nose will be thanking you for all the wonderful smells. It is a chocolate lovers dream! Everywhere you look there is chocolate; from smooth, creamy milk tablets to unique new flavors that will tingle your taste buds and make you want more.

Perugia’s main street is filled with 150 vendors from all over the world selling hot chocolate, cakes, fudge, clothing, and everything else you can imagine that has to do with chocolate. You will have the chance to watch chocolatiers from the Nestle Perugina Factory sculpt large blocks of chocolate and if you are close enough to the sculptors you have the chance to bring a bag full of the chocolate shavings home with you.

For more information check out this link: eurochocolate.com