The Italian caffè, so different from our American standard Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee. Here, in Italy a”caffè” is about a fifth of the size of a small coffee in the States and it has a stronger taste. People don’t drink it in styrofoam cups as they’re rushing to work, they have one calmly at home before heading out or drink one at the bar with some of of their friends before going to the office. 

The usuals that you can get at a bar here are: caffè normale or decaffeinated– expresso, caffè doppio- double expresso, macchiato- espresso with a drop or two of hot milk, caffè freddo-small iced coffee, caffè stretto-expresso with less water- super strong!, caffè maroncchino- expresso with a bit of milk and cocoa powder, granita di caffè con panna- frozen, iced coffee, similar to slush with whipped cream on top. 

 And then there are cappuccinos, I have to say they are my favorite! A splash of expresso on the bottom and topped with frothy steamed milk, sometimes with a design made of cocoa powder! These, the Italians say are only supposed to be drunk before noon time, after that it’s bad for your digestion. I’m not sure if that’s true, but while in Italy why not follow the Italian rules of eating and drinking.  

Great places to get a caffè in Rome:


Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82 (Pantheon)

-Bar del Cappuccino

Via Arenula, 50 (Campo de’ Fiori-Largo Argentina)

-Caffé Tazza D’Oro

Via degli Orfani 84 (Pantheon)

-Elen Bar

27 Via di Capo le Case (Spanish Steps)