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So you have arrived in Rome, the Eternal City, everywhere you look you see gelateria’s, one on every street corner, they all look so good.  But how do you know, which is the best, which is the real, authentic Italian gelato that you should be trying? Many shops say they are artigianale “home made”, but that is not always true, they can still use colorings and other additives to make their gelato’s colorful and eye catching. The best gelato’s are those of softer, neutrale colors,  encased in metal tubs, lying flat down. Here’s a list of some of my top gelaterias in Rome. 

Gelateria del Teatro on Via di San Simone, 70, near Piazza Navona is definitely a must to visit. They have an interesting variety of flavors, lemon and sage, lavender and peach, fig and ricotta, triple chocolate and they are all home made. If you’re adventurous and want to try one of their seasonal flavors, definitely hit this gelateria!


Another gelateria not to be missed is Giolitti on Via degli Uffici del Vicario 40 near the Pantheon. It is one of my favorite gelaterias by far in Rome. You will have to wait in a long line here, but it’s worth the visit. The gelato is creamy and rich, and the whipped cream or as the Italians call it “panna” is fantastic!

You cannot always judge a book by it’s cover, this can be said of Gelateria Vacanze Romane on Piazza D’Ara Coeli, 10 facing the Capitoline Museums. It seems to be one of those touristy bars that sell overpriced and terrible food, but when you walk in you see a small array of gelato’s all home made ready to be tasted. I ate mine sitting down at one of the tables, but I suggest getting one to go, it’s cheaper and tastes just as good. 

To be in Italy and only eat mediocre food is a tragedy, so if you are unsure where to find the best restaurant, gelateria, bar, etc. ask a local, they can tell you where to go. 

Other gelaterias: 

Fior di Luna: Via Lungaretta, 96 (Trastevere)

Il Gelato di Procopio: Piazza Re di Roma 39 (Piazza Re di Roma)

Gelateria dei Gracchi: Via dei Gracchi 272 (Piazza Cavour)

Fatamorgana: Via Ostiense 36E (250 yds from Ostiense railway viaduct)